My 10th grade life

When I first started my 10th grade everyone told that, “look now you are at a stage of life which is very important for your life ahead so better you study hard and score good grades.” Oh well, I said ‘yes’ to everybody and I just did what all I wanted to do in this ’10th grade’ all I wanted to do is enjoy studying and not to take it up as like a pressure and invest my all time in the textbooks, to be honest I never did any schedules to study. All I did is to attend my classes and to focus what teacher is teaching and then I attended tuition classes which was only of 1 and a half hour. My other time ?? Oh that’s where I discovered myself and tried to know all the things which my school will never gonna teach me.

My textbooks just told me the details of what is science but never taught me what is life. I was a type of kid who had two best friends, Vaibhavi and Preeti, who loved to talk about Eminem and Cars. Maximum people had an opinion about me as ‘a tall girl who lives in fairytale’ hmm well this remark was so common to me. Now I got admission in KCD college (government) I scored 518 out of 625…. I was so in shock when I heard my marks because I never studied or say never prepared for these tests and I scored the above marks. I was so happy and yeah I was satisfied.

The on thing I learnt from this part of my life that …. DO THE THING WHICH SUITS YOU .. I MEAN, THE THINGS WHERE YOU FIND LOVE TOWARDS. IF YOU PRESSURE YOURSELF TO DO SOMETHING, ITS GONNA BE SURE THAT YOU’LL END UP WITH REGRETTING YOUR DICESSION. My 16 years of life taught me so many things and this…… Still remains as my favorite chapter.

Author: Em Vhr

Eminem's Stan

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